Our Goal

We aim at promoting a positive health culture and influencing healthy public policies in Uganda through advocacy, education and research.

Our Objectives

Health Advocacy to decision makers
Promoting a Positive Health culture among the public
Health Research including operational research

Our Vision

A healthy productive Ugandan population.


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UNACOH is a non-profit indigenous public health organization established in 1987 with a vision of having an informed healthy & economically productive Ugandan population which is achieved through embracing its mission that promotes a positive health culture among the Ugandan population and to influence healthy policies by promoting the principles of primary health care (PHC).

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Plot 37/41 Buganda Road, YMCA Building, Wandegeya
P.O.Box 12590, Kampala, Uganda

Telephone: +256-414-252068
Web: www.unacoh.org
Email: info@unacoh.org